Max Grosch Trio feat.
Vincent Herring

The Max Grosch Violin Organ Trio is presenting its debut recording featuring Alto Saxophone Great Vincent Herring from NY.

Max Grosch, violin
Jan Eschke, organ
Bastian Jütte, drums
Vincent Herring, alto saxophone (on tracks 2,5,8)

Max Grosch quartet -
"we will see..."

The debut album of the max grosch quartet, released in 2004, was received well by the press and radio. 'we will see...' is a dedication to Maxes time spent in NY from 2001 to 2004.

Max Grosch, violin
Jan Eschke
, piano
Sava Medan
, bass
Andreas Gandela
, drums


01. East of the sun
01. My Romance
02. I'll remember April
02. Armando's Rumba
03. Don't know why
03. Blame it on my youth
04. Bansko
04. Who can I turn to
05. Gettin' it goin'
05. My funny Valentine
06. In the wee small hours
06. We will see…
07. Silverado
07. Little girl blue
08. When you wish upon the star
08. This I dig of you
09. Heartsong
09. Shape of my heart

Radau Records, 0405021


Brahms meets Jazz

The new crossover CD with arrangements of themes by J. Brahms. Enjoy! 17 EURO plus shipping and handling.

Max Grosch, violin
Jan Eschke, organ
Sven Faller, bass
Basian Jütte
, drums

The Old School Swing Band

A fun project with friends I joined in Houston/TX. For more information visit links.

Edward Grigassy
Max Grosch
Thomas Helton
Kelly Lancaster
Sascha Loukachine
Benny Theiler
April Wheat
Joe Wheeler


01. Violin sonata A major
01. I don't need you
02. Hungar. Dance Nr. 5
02. Red and white blues
03. Intermezzo a minor
03. Song of my heart
04. Presto
04. Bad Government
05. Violin concerto D major
05. Gypsy lullaby
06. Capriccio
06. Deep purple
07. Symphony Nr. 3
07. Two minus one
08. Hungar. Dance Nr. 16
08. That girl

09. You've done gone away

10. Casanova boy

11. The day my love died

12. Limehouse blues


Jörg Seidel's - Gipsy Jazz Connexion

A project with a great rhythm section and three of the top German Jazzfiddlers exploring Stephane Grappellis music

Hajo Hoffmann
Jörg Widmoser
Max Grosch
Ottorino Freier
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse

01. It don't mean a thing
02. Honeysuckle Rose
03. Misty
04. Autumn Leaves
05. I got rhythm
06. My one and only love
07. Do You know what it means
08. Pent up house

Max Grosch Quartett