The Workshop of Balázs Dongó Szokolay and Mátyás Bolya

Concert & theatre - folk &  impro

Both musicians began their careers as folk musicians of the Hungarian folk music revival movement (Dance House Movement). Beside their performance schedules they consider it important to participate in other areas of musical life as well, such as teaching, musicological research and civil organizational activities.

Balázs Dongó Szokolay

He plays folk music and folk-music-inspired improvisations on the bagpipe, shepherds’ flute and saxophone. His folk music arrangements and compositions are inspired by the deep study of the Carpathian Basin’s folklore, and this is how his own improvisational musical skills have formed, which carry the musical culture of old times and at the same time produce a modern, contemporary sound.

As a folk musician Dongó has regularly appeared in the Hungarian musical scene since 1990. An important part of his activities comprises his workshop where his art of playing folk music is consummated by historical music and improvisation.

Besides giving concerts he composes and creates applied music for dance and puppet-show performances.

Mátyás Bolya

He plays the Eastern-European fretless lute (koboz) and the zither. He has been studying Hungarian folk music from many angles, but he is also interested in the folk music of other ethnicities and musical eras of the past. His style is very individual; it is modern and at the same time a reconstruction of traditional playing techniques of the past. His special genre is folk-music-based improvisational chamber music. He regularly appears with the best-known musicians of Hungarian folk music scene, besides playing with musicians of other styles and genres.

Besides playing on concerts he composes, orchestrates, applies music to puppet- and dance performances, and compiles teaching materials as well. As a background to his art career he takes part in academic life and civil organizations: he has been a research worker at the Folk Music Archive of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Musicology since 2001, he is the founder of the Moldvahon Csángó Cultural Society (2003), and, with his former teacher, he established the DialekTon Folk Music Publishers in 2005.

Balázs Szokolay Dongó and Mátyás Bolya composer-duo

Balázs Dongó Szokolay and Mátyás Bolya

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