A Hungarian professional group playing a shockingly interesting fusion of 21th century urban folk music and traditional genres. An indefinite blend of Rock n’ Roll, Soul, Blues and of course the band is showcasing many alternatives and remarkable own renditions of their native music.

Rackajam is among the most popular and looked-after acts on the Hungarian and Eastern European scene today! The founder of the band is György Ferenczi whose diatonic harmonica (blues-harp) sound is highly acclaimed across Europe and his instantly recognizable sound and pure style makes every performance a one-of-a-kind experience!

György as a solo artist had played on some 270 albums in the last 20 years and made 19 on his own. Seven out of these are played and co written by the current Rackajam.

Many of these had turned to gold or platinum. The band’s multi-instrumentalists play mostly acoustic instruments, and while respecting tradition they are easily express and reinvent either in the moment or putting hundreds of hours of work to create albums tough laying new national standards for Modern Acoustic music!

The Boys are capable of moving from one spot to another without any troubles of moving tons of equipment and with “extra quick sound-checks” start a “ride” that will touch any crowd of any age with the first 15 minutes of their concert!


  • György Ferenczi; lead vocal, diatonic-harmonica (blues-harp) violin, guitar
  • Ádam Apáti; bass, accordion, melodica-piano, piano, vocals
  • Levente Kormos; guitars and guitar special effects, vocals
  • Miklós Jankó; cajun, drums, vocals
  • Gábor Bizják; French-horn, melophone, vocals
  • Zsolt Pintér; mandolins, guitar, vocals and lead vocal


  • Emerton prize (given by the Hungarian National Radio)
  • Gundel award (a rare compliment from one of the oldest names in Hungarian gastronomy)
  • Soloist of the year 2009 (György Ferenczi)
  • Outstanding category player (1993 Trossingen, Harmonica WCS) (GYF)
  • Artisjus award -Hungarian Copyright Protection Agency (2004)
  • One of the band members had led his band to success as No1. European Bluegrass Band in 2008 (EWOB) and represented Europe in Nashville.

Discography, Films

  • Csárdafunk (2005)
  • Petőfi (platinum)/Hungarian revolutionary poetry with music (2006)
  • Milyen Lárma? (gold ) (2007)
  • Petőfilm, a tour documentary DVD and album (double) (2008)
  • Herfli Davidson&Rackajam live (2009)
  • The World of The Rackas (2010) (Live studio album and Photo documentary book viewing the last two years, seasoned with poetry. (4th most wanted on Hungarian Book Top 100 in 2010)
  • Written theme songs for two leading movies. Director: Miklós Jancsó (Best director; 1972 Cannes also in1992 Montreal) and for György Szomjas.(Golden Age Prize, Brussels)

Significant performances

  • Finland (Puisto Blues International Lakeside Festival. They had played unforgettable performances and shared stages with Coco Taylor and Marcia Ball)
  • Official band of the most important Hungarian national days. (in the past 8 years; 15th of March October the 23rd.) //These events and performances drag about 5 to10 thousand people on the main square at the Parliament. //
  • Annual European tours and performances: Germany, UK, France, Check Republic,  Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania
  • At least two annual Transylvanian tours in the last 6 years.
  • Concerts in the Palace of Arts (Budapest)
  • Solo appearances on various folk music festivals in the USA (ROMP, Kentucky)
  • The most popular Hungarian summer festivals.(World Music Main Stage(2010 Sziget Fest)
  • Budapest Sport Arena 2010
  • 10th Athletic World Championship’s official music (Live)


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