Budapest Klezmer Band's Productions:

Klezmer Suite

János Rolla, the concertmaster of the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra has long been an enthusiast of the Budapest Klezmer Band. He had long known several members of the orchestra, mainly Ferenc Jávori.

In 1999 Rolla asked the leader of the Budapest Klezmer Band to compose an opus that the two orchestras can perform together. First, Fegya did not believe that he was serious about it but finally he got down to composing. In 1999 a 4-theme suite was made and when it was performed in Budapest in the second largest synagogue of the world it brought the house down before 4000 people.

It was just the beginning because by 2000 six more themes were composed to the original suite and the two orchestras performed it at the Music academy. Until 2002 it was performed several times and in the countryside too. In 2001 it was first performed abroad in the Tonhalle in St. Gallen by the local chamber orchestra. In 2002 a CD record was made in the studio of the Hungarian Radio.

Klezmer Dance Suite

János Kiss, the director of Győri Ballet - since the success of Purim - has always been up to date with the activities of Budapest Klezmer Band. Upon hearing Klezmer Suite he again came up with the idea of another joint piece. The dancers were glad to hear the offer of the director of the Budapest Klezmer Band as "it is always a great challenge to dance to live music".

Thus, we can now talk about the joint piece of three bands. Similar to Purim, the Budapest Klezmer Band and the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra play on stage too, thank to the frenetic choreography of Yvette Bozsik, Sándor Román and William Fomin an important member of the ballet group.

Fiddler on the roof

This piece is closely connected to Imre Kerényi who put it on stage but not in a traditional way. Contrary to common practice - actors on the stage and the orchestra in the pitch - the orchestra is on the stage too, playing and moving together with the actors as an integral part of the play. They instantly react to all events on the stage, mainly the violinist - he is Tevje's soul largely contributing to the actors with the language of music. This creates a truly intimate atmosphere just as it was in small villages when a klezmer band was an everyday part of life.

Purim, or the Sortilege

In 1999 János Kiss, the director of Győri Ballet called Fegya for a joint piece. Purim’s music was written by Ferenc Jávor and played by his orchestra. Róbert Turán based on Esther wrote the words and the dramaturgy. The Győri Ballet with William Fomin’s choreography all joined in this great piece to commemorate this event.

What is special in this piece beyond the fantastic mixture of arts is that the musicians also appear on the stage. At the same time of the premier the CD was also released under the same title. The premiere was on 5th January 1999 in Győr and in the Thália theatre in Budapest a week later.