The ensemble plays Hungarian folk music first and foremost in a traditional style. It has played as an independent orchestra in concerts since 1981. Its repertoire contains all kind of music of ethnic groups in the Carpathian basin.

They can play some interesting and rare musical instruments in their programme.

These rare musical instruments include the bagpipe, the cymbalo, violin, viola, etc. The members of ensemble has taken part in many important Hungarian festivals. They have visited many countries, e.g.:Benelux, Spain, France, Turkey, Finland, Greece, Austria, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, USA, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico,etc.

The orchestra has won one of the most important prizes called "The Young Masters of Popular Arts" in 1983. In 1989 they were awarded the title "Excellent Ensemble".

The group has issued several music publications in the forms of SP, LP, MC and CD. For several years they have taken part regularly in the yearly "Táncháztalálkozó" (folk dance evenings) and "Élő népzene" (living folk music) serial programmes.

The members are also teaching music from their own recordings. The instruments are violin, viola, cymbalo, double bass, shepherd's flute, bagpipe and ancient Hungarian folk ones.

In the past few years the members have already taught in Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, the USA and of course in Hungary. They consider it very important to educate the young generation.

Musical accompaniment to dancing courses, folk dance evenings are also provided from the fields listed above. The members are glad to play music at other folkloristic programmes (wedding parties, jubilees, Hungarian balls, etc.), too.

The group is a good partner in compiling and making choreography music when being together with dancers, the members communicate in English, German and Hungarian.


Dénes Hrúz, Szabolcs Hrúz, Zsolt Nagy, Albert Mohácsy és Júlia Kubinyi

Guest: Zoltán Rónai


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